Friday, February 19, 2010

Aqua Nebula Oscillator

Serious pick of the week: for me right now, it doesn't get much cooler than an international psychedelic group made up of members from Brussels, Quebec and Paris, including one particularly rad French lady DJ named Shazzula!

For a little "About the Band," I'll leave it to their myspace page:

"Every concert of the band is a total trance Experience. Into his spaceship,David Os & his brothers crossed Europe from East to West. In 2003,the movie 'Van International' of Juan Trip recall this adventure.Since his 7 years old kid,the drummer of the band is projected inside an Hippie Community in the Pyrénées (France). The band changed 3 times members and now Vince,Simon and Shazzula joined the band definitively!"

It's Hawkwind meets the Silver Apples joined by a dose of Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes/2BIS on a 21st century cosmic plane, while a late-'60s Kenneth Anger projects occult-inspired visuals in flashes of color and light.

Also: head back to their myspace page to check out one I love in particular that has no video for me to post, "Celestial Dream". The French language layered over that sound is seriously golden to me. Pure love.

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  1. that's too fly. You ever hear of these two Brits called Hot Chip?