Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leah's Pick of the Week

A few of us Cherry Bombers are fans of Antoine & le Problèmes. As a bonafide germaphobe, there are very few things that could ever convince me to consider hanging out in a junkyard. This video is one of them.


  1. You're always wearing skin tight pants,
    and boys wear pants
    But with skin tight pants
    You look like a girl
    ---thank for more french pop. I must credit you and Sara for introducing me to the term 'ye ye'. -Mike

  2. I found this song this morning on a comp I downloaded so I thought I would use an online translator to determine what he is singing about. In general the song is about people harassing him for his long hair but one of the lines is directed at friends and loosely translated as: "You can tease me, But if your mothers had experienced the pill, You would not be here bugging me".
    Talk about a burn

  3. Trashman, if you like the online version of this (or any) song, you should try hunting it down on vinyl!!